Understanding the costs for soft contents billing

Many factors can affect how insurers are charged for restoring contents after a catastrophe.

Contents billing is a notoriously difficult task. It can be a minefield for restoration specialists looking to provide their clients value for restoration while ensuring that they cover their own costs and make a reasonable profit. But it is also a headache for carriers and adjusters who must audit bills to ensure they are paying equitable settlements for the insureds while protecting the carrier’s bottom line.

Since every loss site is unique, is it possible to approach a contents bill in a consistent, fair and pragmatic manner, free from anxiety and uncertainty? More importantly, since there are so many variables at play, is there a standardized and manageable formula to enable you to determine whether a bill is reasonable or whether it is “too hot or too cold?” The answer is “yes”, but first, it pays to consider the nature of the problem.

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Choosing to restore, replace or cash out contents after a loss

Many items once considered beyond repair can be restored to near perfect condition, but this is not always cost effective.

By Russ Jacobs | June 03, 2019, Property Casualty 360'

In the aftermath of a loss, policyholders and insurers face a quandary. When confronting the devastation wrought by fire or flood, they have to decide what happens next.

Policyholders are often under the mistaken impression that they will be allowed to replace all of their possessions after a loss. However, the duty of the insurer is to indemnify the insured, within the limits of the coverage provided by their policy. In most cases replacement would be prohibitively expensive, leaving a serious gap between the expectations of the insured, policy limits and the reality they are faced with at the end of the claim.

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Silver Pennies and Tea Sets: Finding Passion in Contents Cleaning

By Ken Campbell | January 15, 2019

Meet Jennifer George, a full services contents restoration professional for SERVPRO in Ohio’s West Mahoning County. Being a parent of four young children can be tough to find quality work-life balance but Jennifer’s can-do attitude has seen her 11-year career blossom due in no small part to hands-on training and the franchise’s use of advance technology in washing systems and high operational standards. Jennifer’s company is a member of the ECONA network of R&R operators that provides training, business leads and carrier support services to their 265 members.

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Using technology to inventory contents after a disaster

The Case of the Bedroom Fire and Batman Visit

By Janine Norton

Those involved in resolving insurance claims and who provide property restoration and remediation services have no lack of interesting stories to tell. Each fire or flood brings unique challenges and experiences. Every family has their own dynamic and personal items can have deep emotional attachments.

It is just one of the many reasons why restoration of personal items is preferred over replacement.

Such was the case of a restoration project undertaken last year by DisasterCare Platinum (DCP), a UK-based restoration and remediation company located 50 miles southwest of London. It involves a bedroom fire, an important restoration, and an unlikely visit from a superhero. It is also a good example of how listening to clients and hearing their personal stories can go a long way toward improving customer experience ratings. Click here to view the complete article.

Welcome Russ Jacobs

Mr. Russ Jacobs joins the ECONA Network Management Team as Quality Assurance Manager of the ECONA Network. 

Russ Jacobs brings over 25 years of operational contents restoration experience to the ECONA Network Management Team, adding another dimension to our elite network group.

Russ will work closely with ECONA Network Members to ensure the quality of finished contents exceeds customer expectations. He will lead our members in utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to restore significantly more contents to the benefit of both the homeowners and insurance carriers.  Click here to read the complete press release.

Fast and effective technology saves insurers money by restoring instead of replacing items.

Leather cleaning technology allows companies to restore, not replace contents

Robust and durable, leather is a natural material often chosen for use in the harshest of environments. We take its relative strength for granted. Leather is stitched together in everyday items like shoes and boots, belts, wallets, purses, jackets, sofas, easy chairs, car and truck seats, sporting equipment and more. Even fur coats are considered leather goods.

Preconceived notions tell us that leather needs to avoid contact with water, and therefore cannot be cleaned in a wash process. A funny notion when you consider rain,street puddles, early morning golf tee times in dewed grass, and dreaded winter slush are all things that come into direct contact with leather goods; and yet these things remain intact.

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Understanding the benefits of contents restoration

Property Casualty 360 February 12, 2018

In the aftermath of a fire, a flood or some other catastrophic event many homeowners are faced with the overwhelming task of filing a claim. Carriers must quickly assess the situation and take decisive action to help their policyholders get their lives back. For carriers, there is a need to balance great customer service with a cost-effective approach... Click here to read the full article.

Why Contents Restoration Deserves a Second Look

Claims Journal February 6, 2018

Storms, floods, fires and other natural disasters caused an enormous amount of damage in 2017. Beyond the usual house fires and basement flooding, the U.S. suffered from an unprecedented number of weather and climate disasters.
In fact, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), the cumulative damage of this historic year hit a record high of $306 billion. Click here to view the full article.

Case of the 1,000 Pound Stack of Smoke Filled Clothes

Restoration & Remediation Magazine January 11, 2018

Strange, how a fire can ignite from the most unlikely source; especially when that source is water related. A condo in an affluent community drew the unlucky straw of being located next to a pump station that ran the lawn sprinkler for six homes. When the lightning struck, it traveled through the pipework of the irrigation system and caught a two-car garage on fire. At stake was a...Click here to read the full article from Restoration & Remediation Magazine.

ECONA Network grows to become largest group of full contents restorers in North America

PHOENIX, Dec. 11, 2017   -- The ECONA Network, a group of independent and franchised full contents cleaning and restoration (C&R) service providers, today announced it has grown to become the largest full contents C&R provider network in North America, topping more than 250 operators. Distributed nationwide and in Canada, ECONA members provide soft and hard contents restoration services and comprise a cross section of the industry’s top performers, from independent restoration firms to some of the top franchise groups such as BELFOR, DKI, ServiceMaster and SERVPRO.  Click here to read the full press release.

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