The Best of the Best

The ECONA Network Members represent the elite of the contents restoration contractors in North America.  This diverse group of restorers utilize state-of-the-art technologies to restore significantly more contents efficiently and have effectively raised the standard for contents restoration.

They are the Exceptional Contractors of North America.

The Best People, Processes and Technology for All Contents

85% of the items shown in this picture could have been restored to pre-loss condition by an ECONA member, instead of being relegated to a landfill!

ECONA Network Members utilize the latest world-class technologies to restore virtually any type of loss. We have the only technology in the world that can restore Category 2 and Category 3 claims safely. Our sophisticated inventory processes and technologies, and our most advanced cleaning systems in the industry, ensure that each and every claim is managed to optimize customer satisfaction.

Delighted Customers and Faster and Simpler Settlements

Insurance professionals who select contents restoration through the ECONA Network benefit from having delighted policyholders and faster and simpler claim settlements.

We are so confident that this will be a successful program for your organization that we are proud to offer a 100% no risk guarantee.  Never cash out contents until restoration by an ECONA Network Member has been attempted.  Typically, 85% of the soft contents and laundry that is considered non-restorable by restoration dry cleaners can be restored by an ECONA member.   If the policyholder doesn't accept the restored goods there is no charge for the cleaning.

Total Contents Claims Management

The ECONA Network is the largest contents claims network in North America with over 265 certified operators.

Our premium members specialize in restoring all of the contents on the property including:

  • Soft contents and textiles
  • Hard contents
  • Electronics
  • Blinds, Rugs and Curtains
  • Appliances
  • All sports and outdoor gear
  • Artwork

Restore...Don't Replace.®! 

Our state-of-the-art cleaning technologies ensures that the ECONA Network Members deliver the highest restorative rate in the industry.

Improved Policy Holder Renewal

When it comes to policy holder retention and property claims, insurance carriers know happy homeowners result in higher percentage of renewals.   Keeping the claims and restoration processes streamlined and simple for the homeowner is key to homeowner satisfaction. 

According to JD Powers & Associates, “Property and Content Claim Satisfaction Insights” study the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) declines significantly with each additional rep/contractor that interfaces with the customer.

ECONA Network is uniquely positioned to be the premier One-Stop-Solution for Full Contents and other restoration services for homeowners and adjusters.   Whether it is soft contents (textiles & clothing), or any of the other hard contents categories (furniture, appliances, electronics, etc.), our ECONA operators will be your single point of contact throughout the restoration process. This keeps your homeowners happy and the adjuster love it too!

Restoring Sustainability - Restore, Don't Replace

ECONA Network members have experience restoring all types of contents, as an alternative to replacement, which is inherently founded in environmental sustainability. By restoring contents to pre-loss condition, ECONA members prevent such items from being discarded and replaced.

Some facts about the ECONA Network environmental commitment:

100% of ECONA’s soft contents restoration work is water-based (“wet cleaning”), utilizing 50% less water that traditional washing systems, while employing environmentally safe and biodegradable detergents.

Each year, ECONA Network Members restore tens of millions of pounds of damaged contents including leather garments, sporting equipment, furniture, shoes, belts, purses, hats, window treatments, bedding, electronics, appliances, artwork, furniture and many other types of items, effectively keeping those materials out of landfills and back in people’s lives.

Restore...Don't Replace.®


More Efficient Claim Settlements

By utilizing the latest restorative technologies, ECONA Network Members are more efficient at restoring all contents back to pre-loss condition, and minimize the level of contents that have to be "cashed out".

This results in improved cost to claim ratios and happier policyholders.

Timely and accurate compliance and job scope reporting

We believe that, “what is measured and monitored is improved upon”. Accordingly, at ECONA Network we use industry leading systems to track and measure our performance on each and every claim assignment. Whether we are monitoring for timely responses to contacting the homeowner or reviewing scopes and estimates to ensure compliance to client carrier standards we are constantly working on getting even better.

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